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A selection of comments from users of the Universal Leonardo web site:

Hi, it's good to see other cultural institutions developing attractive and compelling sites which also meet web standards. Nice work!
(Patrick Worsley)

The site is fantastic! Well done.
(Alice Crossland)

...congratulations on this excellent website!
(Walter Methlagl)

It is a fantastic well structured information tool.
(Gordon Mifsud)

Congratulations on an incredible website - excellent learning!
(Sandra Newhouse)

What a sensual website. I felt like a small child who had suddenly found magic powers on the tips of his fingers. Tiny spots springing to life and map whole constellations of thought. Charming, elegant and clever. A magical mystery tour. Bravo.
(Michael McKinnon)

Ich bin einfach nur begeister! Tolle Arbeit, höchstes Lob für die Entwickler und usammensteller dieses Webs!!!!!!!!!! Wieviel unendliche Arbeit darin steckt, welche Kenntnis der Materie und welche Liebe zum Detail!
(Cornelia Rump)

Great website!
(Birgit Schultz)

My heartiest congratulations on the website. … it is beautifully constructed, informative and accessible. Really fascinating to navigate, it will be an invaluable resource.
(Emma McNally)

The Universal Leonardo Web Site is wonderful…
(Jayne Hufschmid)

I think that the web site was very easy to navigate which is a great advantage for me especially, as I have a bad sense of orientation. Most of the games were fun and those that weren't particularly fun, were very informative. The other information on general knowledge about Leonardo hilmself was very good and informative, with detailed diagrammes and descriptions.
(Juliette Wallace)

Thank you for developing the most comprehensive site dedicated to Leonardo on the world wide web.
(Orlando Boffill)


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