Universal Leonardo at Southbank International School

Students of all ages from Southbank International School, London, took part in "The Life of Leonardo Workshop" on 15 June.

The aim of the workshop was to promote communication and collaboration through the life of Leonardo. The Universal Leonardo web site was the main inspiration, and resource, for students and teachers in the lead up to the workshop.

Students came to the workshop with different experiences of Leonardo in a truly interdisciplinary day that brought together science, history, geography and maths.

After an opening speech by Prof Marina Wallace, co-Director of Universal Leonardo, the students' main challenge was to create an object that best represented the life of Leonardo.

The day, which was documented by student journalists with videos, interviews and photographs, drew to a close with a ceremony of prize giving for the winning objects.    

Last May, students from grade 8 helped test the interactive games and activities in the Play section of this web site.

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