Munich exhibition opens

"Leonardo da Vinci: The Madonna of the Carnation" opens to the public on 15 September at the Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

The Madonna of the Carnation is the only painting by Leonardo held in a German museum and is being presented in a comprehensive show together with works by other artists of the time.

This is one of the rare early works by Leonardo. He painted it during the period when, although already an independent artist, he was still working in the studio of his teacher Andrea del Verrocchio. Characteristic of Leonardo’s work on display in Munich is the discourse with the pictorial motifs of his master, whereby Leonardo found entirely new solutions to art. Just how stimulating these were for fellow artists in Verrocchio’s studio can be seen in the works of Lorenzo di Credi in particular. It is exciting to observe these inter-relationships for the first time in selected examples, such as works by Andrea del Verrocchio and Pietro Perugino.

Significant works on loan, such as the four drawings by Leonardo from the Uffizi and the British Museum, add to the richness of the exhibition.
Last year the painting was examined by the Doerner Institute conservation specialists using state of the art technology. This examination produced new and surprising results. They are presented in the second part of the exhibition in the form of a richly illustrated documentation.

The exhibition was curated by Dr Cornelia Syre.

For more information go o the Munich exhibition page.

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