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Despite Leonardo’s incredible fame and notoriety, the relatively extensive documentation of his life leaves his personality surprisingly elusive. The vast body of written material produced by the artist contains surprisingly few references to his daily existence or the events of his life, while contemporary accounts or testaments by others offer only occasional glimpses of the person.

The Life & Times chronology of Leonardo is based exclusively on documentary evidence gleaned from a wide variety of sources, and serves to illustrate what is known about the life of Leonardo in relation to the political and cultural events of his time.

The In-depths, Links and Bibliography pages provide a guide for further exploration for beginners.

Life & Times

Life & Times

This chronology of Leonardo’s life is based exclusively on a wide range of documentary sources, and illustrates what is known about the artist in relation to the important political and cultural events of his time.

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A series of in-depth features on Leonardo's key concerns, such as the causes of vortices, the formation of fossils and of course the dream of human flight. see all >