Play with Leonardo! Here you’ll find a range of fun on-line games and activities which explore a little of the thinking behind Leonardo’s approach.

From flights of fancy to making monsters, Leonardo simply had to know how the universe worked. His various attempts to discover the truth reveal much about this remarkable man and provide the inspiration for these fun activities.

In addition, you’ll also find a few make-and-do activities that you can download and try out at home or in the classroom. Enjoy…Leonardo did!

Make a monster

Did you know that Leonardo used to pull wings off insects?

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Make the Mona Lisa smile

Was the Mona Lisa feeling a bit emotional?

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Mirror Image

Was Leonardo getting up to something sinister with his mirror writing?

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Fly like a bird, sink like a stone

Can humans fly like birds? Find out why Leonardo got into a flap over flight.

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Leonardo sings the blues

Did Leonardo have a serious case of the blues? Find out what aerial perspective is and how Leonardo used his blues.

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Pull the other one

What was Leonardo up to when he went on the pull?

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Talking picture

Would Leonardo have been a television addict? Not with this kind of imagination…

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Getting the point

Was Leonardo’s work pointless? Of course not.

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Shaping up

Read all about Leonardo’s “Platonic” relationships…

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Going with the flow

What do water, wind and blood have in common? For Leonardo it was an open-and-shut case...

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