The Adoration of the Magi</em>, Albrecht Dürer, 1504<br />
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Second Florentine period 1500 - 1506/08

Leonardo writes: “On the 6th day of June, 1505, Friday, at the stroke of the 13th hour I began to paint in the palace (Palazzo Vecchio). At that moment the weather became bad, and the bell tolled calling the men to assemble. The cartoon ripped. The water spilled and the vessel containing it broke. And suddenly the weather became bad, and it rained so much that the waters were great. And the weather was dark as night.”

Leonardo begins the Codex Forster I, first part.

Michelangelo moves to Rome to work for Pope Julius II.

The German painter and graphic artist Albrecht Dürer was in Venice at this time. When he returned to Germany the following year, he developed a system of human proportions based on those developed by Leonardo.

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