New Leonardo exhibition opens in Milan

A new exhibition on Leonardo's machines, "Leonardo's workshop: from the mysterious robots to the flying machine" will open in Milan on 29 March 2007.

The exhibition promises to be a fascinating exploration of many of Leonardo's machines in the light of new discoveries and through the use of the latest technology in 3D animation.

Highlights of the exhibition include a digital 3D interactive model of Leonardo's flying machine, as well as the physical wooden model. Leonardo3, the media company behind the exhibition, believes this to be the first real reconstruction of Leonardo's flying machine, and one that could really work!

Reconstructions of a mechanical soldier, a true version of a 15th century robot, and Leonardo's famous automated cart are also on display, the latter presented in a new version than previously exhibited thanks to recent reinterpretations of Leonardo's drawings by Leonardo3.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see for the first time a particularly high resolution image of Leonardo's self portrait displayed on digital panels. The image was digitised by Leonardo3 from the original held at the Biblioteca Reale, Turin, through the use of Hasselblad latest technology.

Interactive kiosks for the young and old illustrate the functioning of Leonardo's machines throughout the exhibition.

A digital version of the Codex Atlanticus, another major project carried out by Leonardo3, will also be on display.

The exhibition catalogue, I Robot di Leonardo (Leonardo's robots), will be published in May 2007.

Exhibition's details:
Leonardo's workshop: from the mysterious robots to the flying machine
Palazzo della Ragione
Piazza Mercanti
Milano, Italy

29 March-30 September 2007
11.00am-8.30pm (closed Mon)
Fri-Sat: until 10.30pm
Tickets: € 5
Leonardo3 Web Site

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